You've heard that the key to scaling a business is to find the right niche.

But how do you choose one and how do you grow a thriving business around it?

With The Right Help, You'll Deliver Consistent Results For Your Ideal Clients - Without You Having To Do It All Yourself

Here's what serving the right market segment will do for you:
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Develop Scalable Systems

Use a clear, consistent processes that allow you to deliver consistent outcomes.

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Clone Your Favourite Customers

Attract more of your best customers and keep the wrong ones away.

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Increase Your Marketshare

When you're the brand that everyone loves, you'll outpace your competition quickly.

Meet Jon, Your Segmentology Guide

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Segmentology is the roadmap you need to scale your practice in a way that works.

Our step-by-step program guides you to choose and serve a niche market that is passionate about what you have to offer. When you focus on a specific group of people, your business will experience explosive growth.

You need to dominate a niche if you want a steady stream of committed customers who love telling their friends about how great you are.

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Will Segmentology Work For You?

We are helping anyone who wants to:
Create outstanding results for your customers
Simplify your business by improving your systems
Understand and multiply your favourite customers.
Stand out from the crowd as an authority in your industry.
Trying to find the right market segment can be overwhelming.
To do it well, you need the right guide with the roadmap to your success.

Jon is passionate about helping good people with a great message get the attention they deserve. To do this, Jon connects you to the resources and people you need to get where you need to go.

His most recent book, "Now Start With Who" is a powerful reminder of why every successful business has a compelling Who it serves. 

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Without a clearly defined segment, you're working too hard, too much, and limiting your ability to scale.

Discover the secrets to growing your business like you've always wanted.
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